Business Insurance

Workplace Solutions

If you own a small business, you may be finding it increasingly necessary to implement a benefit program to attract and retain   employees. For small businesses, benefit plans generally consist of some of the following major  insurance benefits.


Group health Insurance

Health insurance is a critical factor for small businesses to help retain and recruit employees, sustain productivity and worker satisfaction. We offer a range of group health options designed to help your small business save money and support your employee’s health and well being. 

Short Term & Long Term Disability

The possibility of loss of income as a result of illness or injury, is often overlooked. 

Disability income insurance policies can assist by replacing a portion of an employee’s income if they are hurt and can’t work. 

Accident Insurance

Although accidents are unexpected and usually come without warning, employees don’t have to let an injury catch them off guard. They can be prepared to handle the medical expenses with the help of an accident policy.

Cancer, Heart Attack, & Stroke Insurance

With a cancer or heart disease comes the reality of medical bills, and need for monies for daily living expenses. Cancer  Insurance helps provide the resources you need so you can focus on your health, not your finances. 

Hospital Indemnity & GAP Insurance

Hospital indemnity insurance can help fill the gaps in major medical plans and cover expenses associated with a hospital stay. Many indemnity plans are also available to reimburse routine out of pocket medical expenses. 

Retiree Medical Insurance

Group Medicare Advantage plans (Medicare Part C) are health insurance plans that employers can customize for retirees. Retirees may enjoy lower out-of-pocket costs and coverage that’s comparable or better than the coverage they get while working.